Staff Appreciation Feature: Nadine Lecoin

It’s Staff Appreciation Week at CCMS! Our Parent Association has planned a number of events to express gratitude to our Teachers and Staff. As a special feature this week, we are celebrating Operations employee, Ms. Nadine Lecoin, who works with dedication and a willingness to serve wherever needed.

How long have you been working at Challenge and what are your current responsibilities?

Lecoin: I've been working at Challenge Charter School for four years now. I serve middle school within the Operations department. My expertise is school start-up that consists of all furniture, curriculum, signage ordering, janitorial supplies, etc. The Operations department has multiple functions that I oversee such as assigning Metrocards and busing for the scholars. My operational highlight is during peak open enrollment when I enroll all new scholars to the middle school. I also supervise the New York City food service program that provides breakfast, lunch, and snack to our middle school scholars. Of course, my duties aren't limited to what I listed above because I always fill in whenever assistance is needed. 

I believe that the highest human act is to inspire, and if I am able to have a breakthrough with my support, then I’ve done wonders.
Ms. Nadine Lecoin, Operations Assistant

Ms. Nadine Lecoin, Operations Assistant

What is the best part of your work day?

Lecoin: The best part of my day is seeing the scholars smile. Some scholars come to me daily for their regular peps talks to help them stay focused. I believe that the highest human act is to inspire, and if I am able to have a breakthrough with my support, then I've done wonders. 

What led to you want to work in an educational setting?

Lecoin: Since the age of five, I've always loved school. I looked at school as a fun place to be. School was a place that I could feel safe, learn new things, and I was able to develop lifetime friendships. I'm still really good friends with all of my classmates from elementary and middle school. I was extremely fortunate to have great teachers and great classmates who've made a great impact on my educational path. I couldn't see myself doing anything else. I truly do love what I do. 

What is a hobby or something you like to do outside of work and why?

Lecoin: I love to travel because each trip is a new adventure, a new story, a new memory. I love to learn about different cultures, eating new food, and meeting new people.