Dear Cheetah Parents, 

I am honored to return to your scholars as their Principal in the 2019-2020 school year. It is going to be another year of hard, breathless, strategic work because teaching and leading are worthwhile, inspiring endeavors. Even with the new school day hours of 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, our team remains committed to delivering the highest-quality middle school experience for your scholar.

We are humbled by your confidence in us and are inspired to raise the bar as we move forward.

It was indeed a year of magical thinking last academic year at 12-79 Redfern Avenue.  We were able to recover from our past losses and gripes--not an easy task for us as a middle school with so many negative tones against us. However, we fought hard and gave meaning to the adage, “Don’t count me Out!” We were resolute in being astounding as a school, and we did just that. Welcome to The Crowning: the 2019-2020 Academic year when CCMS pledges as a community to raise the bar in instruction and school culture far beyond what already exists.  

Principal Gordon with some of the CCMS scholars.

Principal Gordon with some of the CCMS scholars.

As I left the Class of 2019 graduation exercises and walked through the sea of grateful parents and scholars, the questions that immediately came flowing through my mind were:  Where do we go from here? Where do you want to this middle school go? How do you repeat this and add to its growth next year? At first came breath-holding anxiety then the reassurance that, “He who has begun the fight will see me through it repeatedly.” 

There is no quick short-cut to procuring a robust, high-achieving academic institution. It takes deliberate steps. This year, CCMS will see a granular fine-tuning of its instructional practices with a focus on providing equity in the instructional core for all students. We seek to make instruction personalized with a purposeful infusion of the Blended Learning Model so that each scholar can reach his or her maximum potential. We also aim to move toward the declassification of scholars with I.E.P.s through even stronger Response to Intervention (R.T.I.) instructional strategies. 

At CCMS we are aware that a strong school culture will help us crown our school as a jewel in the Far Rockaway Community. To expedite this, we have sought professional development in the areas of Socio-Emotional Learning and the Responsive Classroom. We understand that our scholars need to be emotionally sound and grounded, self-regulated global citizens if they are going to lead the charge for a changing Far Rockaway Community and ultimately, the world.

Our work will culminate with structured clubs as an integral part of our work at CCMS. Adding to the affective domain of school as a learning space in all aspects of the development of the whole scholar as a learner. As part of our extended day activities, we will honor the role that sports play in the development of well-rounded adolescents. Thus, we aim to develop athletic leagues in the After School Sports program. Tryouts and registration information will be shared in September. Looking forward to your cooperation and partnership in the new school year. #CheetahStrong!


Meeting the Challenge,

Mavgar Mondesir-Gordon, 6-8 Principal