Parent Orientation

Our 6-8 Parent Orientation will be held Thursday, August 23rd. This very informative meeting is a must attend for parents and guardians. Please plan to attend to gain valuable insights and practical information to make it a successful year for your scholar. Questions? Please contact Mrs. Vaughn, the K-8 Family Engagement Coordinator by calling (718)327-4040 Ext. 108. We can't wait to see you there!

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First Annual 8th Grade Graduation

After many years of building a successful charter school in Far Rockaway, Wednesday, June 27th 2018 represented a milestone as the first cohort of 8th graders graduated from Challenge Charter Schools. Founder and CEO, Rev. Dr. Les Mullings welcomed the excited group of scholars, families, board members, and community leaders. 

Throughout the program special performances featured scholars through music and spoken word led by Music Banks as well as Performing Arts scholars led by Nadine Sutherland. Board Chair, Frederica Jeffries attended and briefly addressed the scholars and their families. 

During his address, Dr. Mullings reflected on the ceremony saying, "This is an exciting day because many years ago this day was just a dream in my mind. That dream that has come to fruition because many people have made it possible through hard work and dedication. Today I see sitting before me success. These scholars are evidence of how our long years of labor were not in vain."

Then turning his attention to the scholars he said, "Congratulations class of 2018. You are the pioneers. You have set the stage and standards for your fellow scholars. As you move on to high school, be the leaders that we know you can be. Remember the only person that can stop you from being who you can be is you. Never forget who you are. You are a Challenge scholar, and once a challenger, always a challenger. Go change the world!"

The graduating scholars were recognized for a number of achievements including city and state recognitions, honor roll, and CEO/Founder award. During their speeches, Salutatorian Dorcas Adewale and Valedictorian Davon McCoy both referenced rising above obstacles during the middle school years.

6-8 Principal Mavgar Mondesir-Gordon beamed with pride and shared several accomplishments of this first class of graduating scholars.

"What did we expect coming to this graduation? 90% of our scholars got into their first choice of high school. We saw a 20% increase in test scores. These scholars showed forth flexibility, focus, and formidability. With a force of educators behind them, these students have exceeded our expectations."

Mrs. Gordon continued by addressing the graduates directly: "It is important that you know that each and every one of you is here because you made a choice. You are cheetah warriors; you are leaders and the driving force behind your destiny. You are first class global citizens. And if the world gets too hard, get on the train, get on the bus, and come home to Challenge to remember where you came from."

Candid photos and videos have been posted on the school Facebook page since the ceremony on June 27th. Professional photos of the graduation can be found in two albums at these pages: Album 1 and Album 2.

Field Day 2018

It was a beautiful day to have the annual Challenge Charter Schools Field Day, on Friday, June 22nd. We welcomed our almost 800 scholars, parent volunteers, staff, administrators and special guests to Bayswater Park for the festivities. The Parent Association and key staff members worked for months to plan the event, and our coaches created fun athletic field day stations to go along with the traditional bouncy houses and slides.

Dr. Mullings, Founder and CEO served as host, thanking sponsors and special guests from our Board of Directors such as Ben Waxman and local leaders such as Councilman Donovan Richards. Local sponsors included Herman's Deli, Chipotle in Lawrence, McDonald’s in Five Towns, Stop & Shop, The Corner Donut Coffee Shop and CostCo.

The theme for 2018 was “Take a Stand” to join with students and families in our community and across the nation who stand against gun violence and are advocating for better safety at schools. Scholars participated in the theme on the day of the event by putting their hand prints on a large banner that read, “Take a Stand.”

The June event celebrated the full charter for Challenge Preparatory Charter School with grades kindergarten through 8th grade represented. Challenge Charter Schools thanks our local sponsors and everyone who donated time, supplies, and food to make Field Day 2018 a success.

We have two albums of photos from Field Day. For K-5 photos visit this link.  For 6-8 photos click here.

Field Day Theme Announced

The Annual Challenge Charter Schools’ Field Day will once again be held at Bayswater Park on June 22nd from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The event is held for the entire student body of K-8 graders and is organized as a joint effort between our K-5, Middle School, and the Challenge Preparatory Charter School and Challenge Charter Middle School Parent Associations. Founder and CEO, Rev. Dr. Les Mullings announced that the theme for this year’s Field Day will be “Take a Stand.”

"Field Day is a long-standing tradition for Challenge Charter Schools focused on fun outdoor activities that bring our entire student body and staff together along with many valuable parent volunteers. It is a celebration day by nature. However, with the continuation of regular violence in our schools, I felt that our theme for the event this year needed to reflect our great concern for the safety of all students.

We acknowledge the changes that need to be made to keep schools safe, and we have reviewed and updated our own procedures for a number of emergency situations this year. Students have a right to go to school to learn and grow, yet many of them now fear for their safety and their very lives every day. To honor those students who have lost their lives and for those who are seeking change and making their voices known, our theme is 'Take a Stand.'

Leading up to the event, I've asked our principals and teachers to engage our scholars in the theme through student projects. I look forward to how our scholars will communicate and respond to this important issue," said Dr. Mullings.

Over 20 activity stations and food will be offered for 800 students, their families, teachers, staff and community leaders to enjoy. Local sponsors such as McDonalds, Stop & Shop, Herman’s Deli, Costco and Chipotle have offered to donate food and supplies for the event.

Dr. Mullings will serve as host to community leaders and elected officials along with scholar presentations around the theme. Over 1500 people are expected to attend this year’s Field Day, and we encourage the entire CCS family to #takeastand with us. Please share the theme and do what you can to promote safety in our schools.

 Field Day Flyer 2018

Field Day Flyer 2018

Save on K-5 Summer Day Camp

There is still time to save on registrations for our K-5 Summer Day Camp. Our annual day camp is from Monday, July 9th to Friday, August 3rd and features fun and educational activities in a safe environment. Campers will learn through arts, technology, sports and will go on field trips around the area. They will also have special entertainment from our school's mascot Champ the Cheetah the last week of camp. Champ heads up Project Character, teaching students important words and concepts to encourage having good character qualities. 

If you register and pay in FULL by June 15th, you save $50 off every camper. Siblings also receive a 10% discount. Only want one week of camp? You must pay by June 28th to get the one week option. Visit the camp website today for details and to download and print your required forms.

We can't wait to see your K-5 Camper this summer!

 $50 Flyer for K-5 Summer Camp

$50 Flyer for K-5 Summer Camp